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About BuyerOpinions.com

Who We Are:

We are a group of professionals from many walks of life including doctors, engineers, actors, computer professionals, students, and everything in between. We have very high morals and believe firmly in honesty, integrity, and the truth. Everyone wants to know the truth, right?  We are offering this website as a public service but it's not about us it's all about you! That's right, you! We hope we have your attention now!

The Problem:

We think that there many people out there, like you, that are sick and tired of buying products and services on the internet just to find out that the product we bought is no good.  Collectively, we've spent millions of dollars buying internet products and services.  Most of us just want to know what products are good and which products are bad.  With all of clever marketing and often deceptive advertising out there it is hard to determine what to buy without seeing or handling the product.  Sometimes the experience is good and sometimes it is bad.  People like us often trust the opinions of others to help us with our buying decisions.  We are also well aware that many opinions or reviews, as they are called on the internet, are in fact clever marketing gimmicks and may even be financially motivated.  BuyerOpinions.com will never pay anyone to leave their opinion to promote a product.

What We do:

Our mission and we do accept it, is to collect opinions or reviews on products you (the public) specify.  This will help consumers anywhere use the power of information to find, compare and buy anything.     This is an opinions based website not an advertising campaign. While it may be true that certain products are being promoted here this is up to you. If you request us to list a new product we will do so at your request. Based on public opinion, products will either be promoted positively or negatively. Only products that are appropriate for everyone will be listed. We operate this website as a public service.

BuyerOpinions.com does not decide what content to post and what content not to post that is up to you the consumer. However, we do review each Opinion or Review posted here for validity and/or verification.  BuyerOpinions.com is a platform for people to share their experiences - both good and bad.   Our  robust content engine presents you with high quality content based on how helpful other users have found it. When you are looking for advice from someone in the offline world, you seek out people who share your interests and deserve your trust. BuyerOpinions.com may sort all content to deliver information that is both reliable and useful for you. Additionally, you can customize product searches based on what you like.

How We Do It..

We don't sell anything, offer any services, or provide support in any way. We do not promote products for a fee from any respective manufacturer. We do not dictate which products exist here and which products do not.  For every product listed here we may attempt to get the manufacturer to give us a commission on any sales they receive because of our promotion but this will never be a requirement to get a product listed.

The goal of BuyerOpinions is to provide over thousands of products and services.  As with any healthy marketplace, BuyerOpinions.com is demand-driven.  Our mission is to help consumers anywhere use the power of information to make sound financial buying decisions.